Our Big Game Charter of the Bahamas

Deep blue water surrounds the Bahamas from all around, and this place is the home to some of the Biggest, Fiercest fish in the world, sailfish,Marlin, Wahoo, Swordfish, Mahi- Mahi and so much more!

If you are passionate about fishing, then we invite
you to the Bahamas for big game fishing, we will give you the ultimate
fishing experience. Anglers from all over the world know what the
Bahamas have in store for them, and we give you the detail in Bimini
big game charters. Bimini is a heavenly escape whose charms
are embedded in the tropical sun-bathing landscape where the
charterers relax on the deck while sipping on cocktails & daydreaming about the landing their next Big Game Fish, Always Chasing their Dreams.

Unspoiled, exotic and captivating, the Bahamas should be your go-to place for vacation. The island retreat is perfect for honeymooning or for adventurous big game sport fishing. Since we are on the Bahama Bank or the Leeward side of the islands, you will feel the calmness of the sea & realize it does not require much time to get to the fishing spots. Less than a quarter mile off Paradise Island and Nassau, you find the right place for deep sea fishing in six thousand feet of water that is included in our sport fishing charter’s itinerary. Nassau is unlike any other place you have ever experienced as an angler! Sailfish, blue and white marlin, black fin and yellow fin tuna are some of the common targets during the summer season in the big game fishing charters along with Wahoo & Mahi.

Rules and Regulations for Fishing

Allow us to take the hassle out of your charter and plan everything that you need. With Tournament Ready Tackle & the best  boats, Our Marine Electronics is some of best equipment on any boat, along with the best crew in the business. Our big game fishing techniques makes it a point to see
to your comfort. However, there are a few rules that you need to keep in mind before going out to the sea. Do not worry, as we will have it all handle & tell you everything you need to know in detail for your convenience!

  1. No vessel is allowed to have six reels or rods. But if we get an operator for Bimini big game charters who has the authorized permission for using more rods, then it is alright for your vessel to have eight to ten rods.
  2. Vessels that have the permit to fish can catch ten conch, twenty pounds of scale fish and six crawfish. No person, at no given point of time, will be allowed to have more than this on the boat.
  3. If you catch any migratory fish in big game sport fishing, that has to be returned immediately to the sea. No rockfish or grouper that weighs less than three pounds should be taken.
  4. Air compressors or scuba gears are a strict no-no on sport fishing charters. Any kind of underwater air supply is considered illegal.

Captain Chase & Chase N Dreams, arranges everything so that you can enjoy alone, with your team or with your family. Be it bonefishing or reef fishing that is included in the big game fishing charters, we will provide you with the kind of fishing experience or customize it according to your need. Call us now for further information about our offers and deals.