Also Get an Idea about Fishing in the Sun-Soaked Islands of Bahamas

The twenty-three inhabited and even more deserted island of the Bahamas have
hundreds of unpopulated inlets and pave the way for a great boating or
fishing destination & experience it only fifty miles off the Florida coast, Sport Fishingthe charterers who have undertaken the
tournament fishing charters have been blown away with the beauty of the turquoise waters inshore & the Deep blue sea just minutes from the long stretches of white sand. If fishing is your passion, then there can be no other place than the Bahamas that will be more perfect for you.

From dolphins to swordfish, wildlife is on point in both land and water in the Bahamas. Atlantic Spotted Dolphins have made their home in the warm salty water. If you want to swim with these friendly creatures, just take a guide from our tournament charters with you, as we can certainly entertain your guest while our tournament crew has you landing that trophy fish. You don't need any scuba equipment for this. And if fishing is the one and only thing in your list, then Big Game Fishing is the place to go to. Our expert guides will give you the memories of catching the big blue marlin, a 10-pound bonefish or a giant blue tuna or yellowfin tuna!

Fishing Trip Requirements

Chase N Dreams offers you many lucrative offers and deals. Whether you are planning to go fishing alone or in a large group, the arrangements can be made for the fishing tournament accordingly. There are a variety of boats that you
Bimini Yacht Chartercan choose from or there can be inter-boat competition. If your group
has an elder angler, we make the necessary arrangements with a
supporting chair on the deck of the boat where he can rest while
fishing. You will be glad to know that our tournament fishing
charters we give access to wheelchairs on boats for anglers. With
options like Bahamas offshore fishing, Bahamas reef fishing or
Bahamas bonefishing, you can browse through these and choose
according to your criteria.

Customer Satisfaction

Check out our reviews and you will know why anglers from all over the
world prefer to go fishing with us time and again. We go out of our
way to ensure that you have a good trip, as well as, an excellent
fishing experience that is included in our tournamentSport Fishing Yacht - The Miss Kethleen II
charters. Our full day trips do not require any extra deposits or
penalty for cancellations. If there is bad weather, we will
warn you not to go out on the sea and refund your money immediately. Since we provide heavier gear for shark and other such species, our customers are greatly pleased with the experience they get. It does not matter whether you are a pro, a expert or just want to experience the fun of it, here at Chase N Dreams we will take care of you in the best possible way. We work with an exclusive team of local fishing captains from South Florida which know the Bahama waters & the Bahama Bank. Our islands in the Bahamas is home away from home, like West End, near Freeport (Grand
Bahama Island), Nassau (New Providence Island), Bimini Bahamas, Cat Island, Chub Key for the fishing any local or native
tournament. In fact, these islands will give you the deep blue offshore waters, while at the same time give you the Turquoise inshore waters that will be etched in your mind forever. Call us to know more about fishing in Bahamas.