Things to Do on the Breathtaking Bimini Islands

Gather Fascinating Facts & Experiences on Bimini Yacht Charter Tours

The little but fascinating Bimini island will take your breath away the moment you come out off the ship and step on this island. Allow us to introduce you to three parts of this island - North, South and East Bimini. Before moving on to the Bimini yacht charter, get an idea about how the beauty of the island will welcome you! At a distance of forty-five nautical miles from Miami, the Bimini Islands have secluded harbors and plenty of wildlife both on land and in the sea. Considered as a world famous diving and fishing paradise, let’s have a look at the
itinerary of our yacht charter in Bimini.

The picturesque islands of Bimini can leave you breathless right from the moment you set foot on them. Our Bimini Yacht Charter experience lets tourists explore each island - North and South Bimini. You can get a better idea of what to expect before starting your yacht charter trip. The Bimini Islands, with its sheltered harbors, are situated forty-five nautical miles from Miami. A diverse selection of wildlife can be found on the islands and the seas surrounding them. Bimini is globally renowned as a fishing and diving haven. Take a look at our yacht charter itinerary of the Bimini islands.

Breathtaking Visuals and Amazing Activities on Bimini Yacht Charters

1. Scuba Diving
A trip to any island will be incomplete without scuba diving or snorkeling.
Moreover, when you are coming to a picturesque place like this, it is almost like a mandatory task to come in close proximity with the vast stretches of coral reefs that are included in the charters to Bimini. The scenic underwater locations of these Caribbean islands are adorned with great expanses of coral reefs that can be explored on a Bimini charter. Numerous shipwrecks found in these waters have also created excellent dive sites. In fact, many shipwrecks over here present you with exemplary underwater dive sites. If your adventurous self wants an adrenaline rush, why not dive with South Bimini's Hammerhead Sharks or we will take you to the Gulf-Stream, the place where the ocean floor goes as deep as 3500

2. The Fountain of Youth - ‘The Healing Hole’ is one of many most famous spots of the Bimini Islands. Situated on South side of Bimini, this is a small fresh-water pool surrounded by mangrove trees and underground winding tunnels. You can visit this place on our private Bimini yacht charter, and we will take you to South Bimini’s, where once Juan Ponce de Leon had though  that he had actually discovered the legendary famous ‘The Fountain of Youth’. The view of these shallow pools will be etched in your memory forever!

3. Shark Mounds - Ever seen sand dunes in various shapes? You will be blown away to see the sand dunes of the Bimini islands that come in shapes of animals, including sharks! However, the animals can be seen while you are flying over the islands, and there remains a confusion till date about the existence of the Shark Mounds! Get in touch with the Bimini Yacht Charter for more details about this.

4. Visiting the Hemingway Museum - In 1935, Ernest Hemingway came to Bimini where he used to spend his time writing and fishing. This famous museum that is situated just south of where the legendary Compleat Angler Hotel & lounge use to sit, is a must-visit and is included in our yacht charter in Bimini. A heaven for literature lovers, there are artefacts and antiques in the museum, used by the Hemingway himself.

5. Exploring the Bimini Beaches - There is no person on earth who does not love the Bimini beaches! The white and soft stretches of sandy beaches are a tempting attraction for our guests in the charters to Bimini, and you can bathe in the golden sunlight for hours! The charterers like to visit the Porgy Bay, Bimini Bay and Paradise Point, the turquoise inshore ocean water will be something always remembered.

There are many intriguing activities for you and your family on your private boat charter. Get in touch with our charter specialists for an escape to paradise.