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Havana, Cuba, The Capitol


It might be the rakish history, the spirit of survival, a US trade embargo or the salsa energy that ensues from the locals. Havana, Cuba’s capital is just the place for an awesome trip. Come to Cuba on a Cuba yacht charter and get ready for a slow, yet long seduction.

A city of rebellious art, this jewel of the Caribbean, is also known for its bohemian bars and cafes. While you look at the specimens of art flowering at a roadside cafe, your friend may pay a visit to one of the lounge bars for a drink and music. Besides charters to Cuba, we give you the chance to explore this unique blend of old and new. You get to experience the age-old Spanish colonial architecture, vintage cars and kitschy galleries. You might come here in slight trepidation about what the place might offer, but we, at Chase N Dreams, guarantee you that Havana will offer you a lifelong of memories and make you leave the place with a smile on your lips. From drinking expensive scotch in Ernest Hemingway’s old mansions to going around in a classic Cadillac, we provide you with some unmissable itineraries!

Gala Entertainment Today, but the Electricity of Yesteryear.

Live music and entertainment

The live music will inspire you to move and groove all throughout the night. The Cuba private yacht charter all-inclusive package gives you access to free entry to most of the bars and pubs, and thus, we give you the chance to witness the social scene of Cuba. What is that one advice we think might be important for you? Cubans like to dress sharply, so make sure to dress up in the right way. From bolero to rumba, from timba to cha-cha-cha, we promise you a mind-numbing experience everywhere you go. We, at Chase N Dreams, will suggest you to visit El Sauce for Cuban Pop, Salon Rosado de la Tropical for a timba/salsa gig, La Cecilia for a lavish Saturday night extravaganza or Salon Rojo for its famous bands.

Varadaro Resort


A resort town in Mantazas, Varadero can be considered as one of the largest resort areas in the whole of the Caribbean. A walk through the long stretches of white sandy beaches is an important part of Yacht Charter in Cuba experience, and we take you to the places where people like Al Capone used to stay. Varadero is a cultural center, and an Art and Culture Market Tour is included in our itinerary. Apart from the beach, you can enjoy visiting the caves, the cities of Cardenas and Matanzas or the Zapata Peninsula.

Hemingway Estate

Hemingway Estate

Fred Astaire, Greta Garbo, & countless famous actors have visited Ernest Hemingway, and you can too as it has been reincarnated By the Cuban Government to completely resemble the original Hemingway’s Home. A visit to Hemingway’s Estate & Bar ‘The Floritida’, as part of your Cuba yacht charter package, is something that will give you a ride through the magical historical times. The house is a popular museum in Cuba and has French doors and antiques. It is almost as if you can visualize Hemingway sitting on a chintz-covered chair and holding a glass of whisky in one hand! If you want to take a look at Hemingway’s hunting trophies and personal artefacts, contact us at Chase N Dreams for more details.

The Hotel National

The Hotel National

Famous for housing the famous American gangsters, the CIA and the most celebrated American actors, the Hotel National is situated on the Malecon and offers a fantastic view the Havana Harbour, the city and the seawall. Hotel Nacional de Cuba is spread across a sprawling area of 63, 641 sq. ft. If you book through charters to Cuba, we can get you ocean facing rooms. From Jean Paul Sartre to Che Guevara, you will find many a name in this hotel if you plan to stay here.

El Morro, Havana, Cuba

El Morro The Castle

The most captivating place to be, visit El Morro by day or at dusk and be totally enchanted! Serving as a navigational landmark, this fortress that guards the entrance of Havana is an important part of your Cuba private yacht charter tour. Your trip to Cuba will be made majestic by us at Chase N Dreams with a visit to El Morro. Contact us to know more about the historically famous Cuban castle, which dominates the entrance of the port.

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