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Rules & Regulations

Wahoo Shootout Rules

  • Boats may leave 5:00 AM
  • Radio communication is Channel 72
  • All Vessels will be inspected prior to check out by Official Tournament Personal
  • No wake zone rules will be enforced!
  • Lines in water at 6:00 AM
  • Lines out by 4:00 PM
  • Six lines maximum
  • Wire lines and planers will be permitted (no electric reels)
  • Three (3) heaviest fish per boat will count towards score for each day.
  • Total pounds for the both days will determine top teams.
  • GPS TRACKS Will Confirm conformity of Rules each day
  • Ties will be broken by first fish weighed
  • 75 NM limit. Boats most remain in the circumference (no landfall).
  • GPS TRACKS Will Confirm conformity of Rules each day By Tournament Official.
  • Tournament Official is someone appointed at any time by Tournament Director.
  • Boats must possess proper Visas, cruising and fishing permits
  • Live, dead, or artificial bait may be used
  • Fish may not be transferred from boat to another boat
  • There is no weather provision and solely at Captain’s discretion
  • Committee reserves the right to inspect fish holds and GPS plotter tracks at any time.
  • Any Tournament Member, or Members which try to manipulate, circumvent or break any of the rules knowingly or not, will be disqualified for the day & may be disqualified for the event, solely at the discretion of the Tournament. Director.
  • Protests must be filed by 6:00 PM each day with a $500.00 deposit
  • All Boats must be back and tied up at the dock by 5:00 PM to qualified for weigh-in
  • Any boats after 5:00 PM will not be able to weigh in any fish.
  • All teams are recommended to synchronize their timepieces with the time Tournament Director.
  • No extra time will be granted to any team under any circumstances.
  • All decisions by committee are final!
  • The $20,000.00 Cash Prize is Based on 20 Boats Paid Participation.

Weigh In Procedure

  • Scales will open at 3:30 PM and close at 5:30 PM
  • Call in by radio (ch 72) when you reach no wake zone
  • When you are called in please have bow and stern lines ready
  • Choose five largest to be weighed and three heaviest fish will go towards score
  • All Fished weighed will be final at time of weigh in.
  • All fished marked By Tournament Personal cutting off tail fin & returned at time of weigh-in


  • Tournament will be canceled in the event of a major named stormed. A full refund will be issued within 30 days of the cancellation of the tournament.
  • The amount of 25% of that refund will be held as a FULL CREDIT towards next year’s tournament.
  • Mechanical breakdowns do not institute cause for a refund & will be handle on a case by case basis.
  • In any other weather related instances the majority of boats rules, (if more come then decline to attend), no cancellations will be permitted.
  • Any smaller boat’s not being able to make the trip will be given a 50% refund & a 50% credit towards next years event for those who did not attend.
  • Tournament Director has final decision on all refunds, minus reasonable cost involved.

Winners Circle

  • First Place: Total weight of up to the Heaviest 6 Fish, minimum 2 Fish to Qualify.
  • Second Place Total Weight of up to next in line Heaviest 6 Fish, minimum 2 Fish to Qualify.
  • Third Place Single Heaviest Fish.
Registration form Cuba

Registration form Cuba